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Photo credit clockwise: THEGINGERB3ARDMEN, Tiffany Ireland, fubarfoto, Dark Cell Photography

Photo credit clockwise: THEGINGERB3ARDMEN, 

fubarfoto, Ruth Gilson, Kate Whyte Photography

"You were a dream to work with and really kept the crowd engaged-- we'd love to work with you again. Thank you for all your humour and charisma as our emcee!"

- Anoushka Ratnarajah

‚ÄčArtistic Director, Queer Arts Festival


BoylesqueTO presents:

A Fundraiser for Across Boundaries

June 30

Livestream Show

Decolonizing Arts Organizations

July 24

Online workshop

Presented by Stratagem



July 11

Livestream Show

Too Sprited

July 17

Livestream Show

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