who is sparkle?

Sparkle Plenty is a notorious glamedian, weirdlesquer, and word-maker-upper who has been delivering beautifully bizarre burlesque and drag acts throughout the beautiful lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territories for over 10 years. This fiery Indigiqueer is Cree with mixed heritage who is a proud sister and convening member of the Virago Nation Indigenous Arts Society, where she produces and performs in shows and workshops with the mission to reclaim Indigenous sexuality from the toxic effects of colonization. She also serves as 'Art Auntie' with the Diasporic Dynasty, an all BIPOC burlesque and drag collective based in 'Vancouver'. Outside of the work she does with Virago Nation and Diasporic Dynasty, you can find her emceeing and teasing on stages and online all over Turtle Island. Sparkle has been invited as a featured performer in burlesque festivals across Western ‘Canada’ as well as Indigenous and queer arts festivals including Talking Stick Festival and TRANSFORM Cabaret Festival.


Sparkle is dedicated to sharing her decolonial point of view in performing arts spaces through various capacities including previously serving on the board of directors as the president of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival as well as teaching and presenting at conventions including Strategem and Burlycon. Over the past five years, she has had the honour to mentor emerging artists inviting playful exploration empowering them to reveal their most authentic selves on stage. 


Find all of Sparkle's upcoming events and workshops by visiting her website sparkleplentyburlesque.com or by following her on Instagram and Twitter at @sparkleplentys.