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Want to learn how to become a burlesque performer?
Looking to make your event stand out in the crowd?
Ready to decolonize your organization?

Sparkle's varied professional background offers insights to enhance your skills in performance, decolonial organizational structure, and event marketing as well as one-on-one mentorship.  

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In Your FACE Choreography

Whether your number is saucy, scandalous or silly, you gotta sell us what you’re feeling! This one-hour movement-based workshop will explore different ways you can characterize your choreography by learning tips and tricks to let your mood make you move. Sparkle Plenty will guide you through various character exercises and help you apply them to simple choreography to show you how changing your facial expression can make a big impact. You will have all the tools you need to serve some serious face to your audience after this class!

Glamour Clown: 
Stage Make-up Tips

Your face is the key to connecting you with your audience so make every wink and smile (or looks of shock and horror) be seen from the back of the room. This one hour workshop will guide you through techniques and tools that will elevate your make-up game. Sparkle Plenty will demonstrate and discuss techniques in contouring, highlighting, baking & painting to add more drama to your already fabulous look for the stage. 


organizational development

Showing-off Your Show: Marketing for burlesque

Want to get those #coolbutts into those seats? Have an all-star line-up that your city needs to see? Hear from communications professional, Sparkle Plenty, as she shares easy ways to break down the approach to reach audiences beyond your burlesque community. Get tips on understanding your target audience, strategies to reach them, examining different commutations channels (and what that even means), and making a plan to sell-out your show!

Occupied: Whose Land is it Anyways?

What do you know about the history of the lands you occupy? How you can begin to decolonize the burlesque scene through events, classes, and within your own community? Sparkle Plenty will share the challenging colonial history Indigenous people have faced since settler contact and offer ideas to empower emcees, producers, and community leaders to make meaningful acknowledgements of the lands they live on.

Decolonizing Arts Organization

Colonial concepts, mechanisms, and power structures are insideous, they permeate and even make their way into organizations that aim to foster decolonial art.
How do we liberate ourselves from the from oppressive modalities in our arts-organizations?  This two-hour workshop will examine your own personal (and unintentional) biases as well as your organization's infrastructure to work towards the goal of decolonizing.